E1 Electric Chassis


Optimal-EV E1 Arriving Q2 2021
Our "Best in Class" E1 fully-electric chassis aims to be an enabler for zero-emission operation of an extensive range of market segments, including school buses, commercial trucks & buses, ambulances, recreational vehicles, and fleet trucks. 
The E1's innovative powertrain system enables more than 125 miles of driving range*, and utilizes high-performance battery systems from Proterra®, which have industry-leading energy density, a flexible design to fit within a wide variety of vehicles, and rigorous pack level validation designed for safe and durable vehicle operation. The E1's flexible rear-drive design integrates the vehicle's fully-electric powertrain, including the 113 kW Proterra Powered™ high-performance battery pack, in-between the chassis rails to allow for seamless aftermarket body integration. The vehicle can fully charge in about two hours with optional DC fast charging, and will feature a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 14,500 pounds.
Key Features
Standard Chassis Equipment
Battery Manufacturer
Battery Size
System Voltage
Life Cycle
Temperature Range
By Proterra
113 kWh
326V (Normal)
Water/Glycol Mixture
>4000 @90% DOD
-22° F to +133° F
14,500 lbs​​​​​​​
High Performance Traction Motor
Continuous Power
Peak Power
Voltage Range
1000 Nm
280 kW
300 - 750 vdc
Standard Level 1 & 2 AC Charging (J1772)
Optional Level 2 DC Fast Charge
Charging in <8 Hours
Charging in <2 Hours
> 125 Miles
Stay Connected with OEM Dash Cluster
Familiarity of OEM Column Shift Mechanism
*Estimated range dependent upon: ambient temperature, drive cycle, loading condition, ancillary loads, etc.
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